From dark blue to white

We have the ability, technical knowledge and supreme vinyl materials to transform the appearance of your vehicle. This can all be done without the need for any costly or permanent re-spraying. Working with 3M and Avery material wrap we now have a vehicle colour change system.

There are over a 1,000 colours and finishes available, including CARBON FIBRE, MATT BLACK, GLOSS WHITE and even Pearlescent White, with no paint, no mess and no risk to your vehicle in the process. With our vehicle wrapping service, the colour change process will allow you to:

  • Change the colour of your car in just 2 – 3days

  • Protect & preserve your vehicles paintwork

  • Remove Easily for resale or end of Lease


The Colour change vinyl wrap can be removed at any time, returning your vehicle to its original finish. Our colour change wraps are completed quickly and efficiently. Our application teams are all fully trained, highly experienced and are familiar with the high standards of our clients.

We can supply our vehicle colour changes and wraps to a variety of people, business and promotional agencies.

  • Promoters and Promotional PR Companies

  • High Class Company Directors

  • Music, Film Stars and Agents

  • Professional Sports Stars

  • Exhibition Centers


Large sheets of coloured vinyl are cut down to size to specifically fit the required area of the vehicle.

The colour change happens gradually as we build the process in stages, wrapping each area of the vehicle, carefully applying the vinyl wrapping films to the contours of the car or van. Once the area is covered and applied correctly we can then start to cut away the excess film. With the vinyl heated and conformed to the vehicle and applied around the corners and edging of the vehicle it is difficult to tell this vehicle has even been wrapped.